Is Therapy Right for You?

Daily life can be full of conflicting demands.  Often times societal pressure makes the desire for joy in our lives and relationships seem like an uphill battle.  With the stress of just getting by day-to-day, it is easy to lose sight of what is really important to you, your partner or your family, and to neglect the things that bring you happiness and joy.  Participating in individual or couples therapy is a great step to prioritizing your well-being.   You are the expert on your life, and my role as a therapist is to help you regain the strength and confidence you so greatly deserve.  In therapy we can explore the areas of your life that you feel are not satisfying and transform them into contentment and joy.  Do you wish to be able to let go of the past and heal in order to make room for new beginnings?  Would you like to bring the passion, desire and romance back to your marriage or relationship?  Do you hope to be able to tackle daily stress with new and improved coping skills?  These are just a few of the ways in which our work together can enrich your life. In addition to providing general therapy to individuals and couples, I am also able to provide specific treatment for concerns related to sexual intimacy through sex therapy.  I specialize in couples counseling and sex therapy.  I enjoy helping couples regain confidence in their relationship and rebuild the connection that so often gets lost with the demands and pressures of daily life.

Services We Offer



Sex and intimacy are at the core of human experience. When things are going well, sex may feel easy and natural but when challenges arise it may feel strained. It may become a source of frustration.  Sex therapy focuses primarily on the physical and emotional aspects of sex and sexuality. This can be done through individual or couples counseling.



Many couples struggle with communication and communication patterns which makes it difficult to listen to and accept a partner’s needs. As the therapist, I will facilitate constructive communication and help couples establish healthy patterns that allow for more emphatic listening and positive communication. I am a Level 1 and 2 Trained Gottman Therapist.



People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons. These reasons include coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma, dealing with depression or anxiety, overcoming limiting beliefs or simply desiring personal growth and greater self-awareness. The number of sessions required to treat often depends on the client’s unique needs and personal goals for therapy.

About Shannon
Utah Counselor

Shannon Hickman, LCSW, CST 

Shannon Hickman is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 12 years of experience helping individuals, couples, families and groups.  The breadth of her expertise allows her to help clients with a diversity of concerns.  She provide a  therapeutic environment that is nurturing, safe, and free from judgment.  Therapy sessions can focus on healing from a painful past, or breaking through current barriers preventing you from reaching your full potential for joy.

Our Expertise

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 12 years of experience helping individuals, couples, families and groups. The breadth of my expertise allows me to help clients with a diversity of concerns. I provide a therapeutic environment that is nurturing, safe, and free from judgment

I offer structured, couples and sex therapy to those who are looking to heal, deepen or expand upon their relationship. My style of therapy gets to the heart of your problems and concerns, breaking the cycles that have caused damage in the past. My clients describe me as being, not only knowledgeable, but also warm, empathetic, and non-judgemental.


I am happy to help. Please let me know how I can best support you.

What Others are Saying

I was always skeptical about the help a therapist could actually bring to a couple – however having spent a year in couple’s therapy with Shannon my skepticism was misplaced. We found Shannon at a particularly trying time in our marriage where my wife and I didn’t have the confidence in our relationship or trust level to be completely honest and vulnerable with one another. Enter Shannon…she stepped in, listened and quickly understood the heart of our issues. Rather than trying to fix our problems, she equipped us with effective mental gauges, tools and communication approaches which helped us to rebuild as a couple. She was available when we needed her, never judged our opinions, thoughts, or mistakes, but if either me or my wife said or did things that might be harmful or insensitive to the other, she would step in and help us understand the other’s perspective and how such response/action was not additive to the rebuilding process. In short, I was impressed with Shannon’s subject matter knowledge, but even more impressed with her ability to effectively work with me and my wife to rebuild our priceless relationship. Without a doubt the most important money we ever spent.” J.R., Salt Lake City

“Shannon has a caring, inviting presence that communicates even over the internet. She shared just the right amount of resources and ideas so that we did not feel overwhelmed, but fully supported. We have a great marriage but knew there is always room to grow. We felt brave and daring for seeking her help; inviting another person into the intimate details of your marriage is a risk. We are very happy and grateful we swallowed our fears and sought her advice.” L.N., St. George

“Shannon Hickman is a wonderful therapist. My wife and I have been working with her for more than a year and she’s been tremendously helpful as we try to navigate a very tricky and emotionally-charged sexual issue in our relationship. She’s a thoughtful communicator and a careful and patient listener with a wealth of knowledge about the science of sexuality, conflict-management, identity, and attachment. We would recommend her to anyone seeking a smart, patient, kind, evidence-driven, sex-positive couples’ therapist. D.S., Salt Lake City